Are you looking for acceptance, love, fun? Need something powerful, something different in your life? Wonder why you’re here and what your purpose is? You’ll find it at "Roots", JCC’s Student Ministry for teens in 6th – 12th grades. You’re not alone in wanting to “belong,” desiring a safe place where you can go, hang out with your friends and be accepted just for who you are.


That’s what we hope you’ll find at Drive! It’s a time to be real, learn about God from the Bible, worship & praise, talk, pray together and most importantly, learn how to cope with life’s challenges.


One of the biggest challenges most teens face at one time or another is learning to drive and become independent – that’s where our name comes from. We’re all driven by something or someone, we’re all hoping to drive ourselves someday. The questions we ask at JCC are: what drives YOU?


Each week, through games, snacks and teaching in both large and small groups, we encourage you to have a lifelong relationship with Christ, and we work to equip you for that relationship.


Special events are scattered throughout the year too, some intended for “spiritual” growth, some for fun and to just hang out:


So join us on Wednesday nights, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m, and bring your friends!   


If you’d like more information about Drive or to join click on the button below.