That’s REAL Women at JCC and it’s what we strive to be in everything we do – whether it’s teaching a Bible Study, enjoying a cozy night, touching base on Facebook or connecting on Sunday morning.


Women’s ministry at Journey Community Church offers encouragement, training and growth opportunities to all women; loving each other where we are and challenging each other to grow spiritually and personally as we do life together. What connection do you need? What touches your heart and what are you struggling with? We’re here for you, real women on a real journey. And we invite you to come along.


We focus on the following core values:

- Encouragement

- Training

- Growth (personal and spiritual)

- Deeper knowledge of God (individually and collectively)

- Deeper knowledge of ourselves and each other

- Building meaningful, trusting, lasting relationships (with each other and with our church


This is our promise to you: We will always welcome each other with the love of Christ. Authenticity and being REAL at all times is the heart of the ministry as we learn together how to be real with others, with ourselves and with God in walking this journey together.


If you’d like more information about REAL Women, email womens@journeydepere.com or check out our Facebook page.



Come with us to Silver Birch Ranch for a 2 day get away. Let's take some time to "clear our vision" as we "connect the dots" between our faith and our relationship with Jesus and how it affects our view on all aspects of life as a REAL Woman of Faith! 


Join us as we focus on connecting and engaging in God's Word and relationships with Him and other women!  We'll  share breakfast and have different topics each month! Join us and if you feel comfortable - bring a dish to pass. Click the button for more information.

Get Connected

There are so many ways to get connected withother women. You choose what fits your desires,

your calling and your stage of life!

Women's Conferences
Cozy Nights
Christmas Gathering
Care and Prayer
Growth Groups & Bible Studies
R.E.A.L. Living
Community Outreach