If you’re still seeking answers or you’ve just started your journey with Christ, we’re here to encourage you to take the next step, as quickly or as slowly as you prefer. This is a journey and people go at different speeds. Some places to start may be: attending our services regularly, a Newcomer’s Lunch, our Starting Point class, or coming to an event.


We strengthen our journeys in community. Some ways to do that may be joining a Growth Group and digging into Scripture, attending our Journey 101 Class, getting involved in a ministry, or following Christ in baptism. Your choice at your speed when you’re ready to take that next step.


Everyone has a story and sharing our stories helps other people. God never wastes a hurt. We offer opportunities for you to discover your story and learn how to share it in a way that helps and encourages others who are where you were. It’s amazing what God can do with our stories! You can also use your leadership gifts by apprenticing in a ministry to share the greatest story of all…the story of Jesus Christ!